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We are now in a Season of Changes. 

As I write this newsletter article to you, I am finding myself in a little season of change. Joshua has moved up to middle school and there have been a few changes with that move. He gets up at 5am in order to get ready to catch the bus. With such an early wakeup, I find that he has taken on more independence. He makes his own breakfast, cares for critters, brushes his teeth (I hope), and basically does almost everything to get ready. While I get up early too, I just send him out the door with a kiss and some parting words of “be good, do good, act as Jesus would.”

Araina is on her own in elementary school and so she has found a bit of her own independence. She is starting to realize that she can do things without her brother being right there with her. She also found out this year that most of her friends were in other classes and so she had changes there.

October 2018 Pastor’s Letter continued

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