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Looking back and looking forward 

I find myself sitting outside on this beautiful day and I am wondering what I should write to you about for this newsletter. I could write about the beauty of this day and how I just feel so uplifted and at peace, due to the warm weather, and my little wren that likes to sit on my porch and sing. But I’ve written about that before. I could write about how we should slow down and enjoy moments of each day. But I’ve written that also.

It seems as though I have written about almost everything I could think of. It probably seems as though you have read everything under the sun that I have written. As I am writing this it has dawned upon me that I am finishing up my 11th year here.   11 years! That’s quite a long time for a pastor to be in one place. I have been very blessed to be here for such a long time. I have been able to set down roots and make lasting friendships. Now before I go on I should probably state that AS of NOW I am NOT moving. So this is NOT a goodbye letter. Rather I think I want to use this letter to look back at some things we have done and look forward to what is possibly coming down the road.

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