Thank You


Barnabas and I are SO humbled and grateful to each one of you for your thoughts, prayers, the prayer vigil and the Sheetz cards. We appreciate all the love you guys have shown us during this difficult time! May God bless you all!         The Kesters


Dear Church Family,

Susan’s friends and family came from near and far for her memorial service. You welcomed all of us like family. Thank You.                       Bruce, Judy and Kay


A Sincere Thank You

I want to take a moment to thank all of you who attended my surprise 40th birthday party a few weeks ago. I was floored at how many of you were there. I truly was almost moved to tears which, if you know me, is a hard thing to accomplish. I enjoyed spending time with all of you, along with friends and family who came from out of town. I loved reading all of the cards and they were all unique. I enjoyed all of the gifts also. It seems as though Scott owes me a few date nights since I got a few gift cards to go eat. You can trust me in that I will make sure he takes me out on a good number of date nights. Joking aside, the afternoon felt like time spent with family, and it dawned on me that you are in many ways family. We’ve known each other for 11, almost 11 and a half years. I’ve walked with some of you and your families through some tough trials and some wonderful celebrations, our bonds of friendship run deep and will always remain strong. I am truly blessed to be not only your pastor but also your friend. Thank you again for starting my 40th year off with a bang. I don’t feel 40, I still feel like I’m 30. My midlife crisis will have to wait as I cannot afford to have one yet ( a 65 mustang convertible and a trike motorbike can be costly)     I am excited to see what this coming year brings for all of us.                         Pastor Sharon