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A prayer vigil was held in New  Florence Friday night to pray for our postal worker Barnabas. About 50 people came to pray for Barnabas to recover and for God to give his family hope and courage.  The firetrucks and … Continue reading

Boy Scouts

  • Scouts – Thursday, 7:00 PM

The plaques have been updated. John stated that we have 3 boys that are preparing for their Eagle Scout badges. John explained the steps in the journey of an Eagle Scout. He would like to have the church honor these young men by celebrating with them sometime this spring. John and Sharon will get together to organize this event.


Cub Scouts

  • Cub Scouts – Tuesday, 6:30 PM.

Scouts are signing up kids again, they renew their charters in January each year. Girls will now be able to join Cubs. They will have their own dens with female leaders. There also is a program for kindergarten age boys. They are called Lions and there is a group here at our church.





Youth Group


Update on the Youth Group

Spark 2018








Our Youth Group meets every other Sunday at 5:30 PM.  All junior or senior high youth are welcome.  This group participates in group discussions, spiritual growth, mission trips, community activities, concerts, etc.

Youth Group

Our youth group is in need of a youth leader. Over the past few years we have had a great group of 5 leaders, and for awhile this worked. We now realize we need one leader (or a husband and wife) to lead our group. We need someone to set the vision and mission of the youth group. We need someone to lead lessons, and we need someone to plan outings, and to plan mission trips. You will not be on your own, because the 5 current leaders will still be there. We will be the extra eyes and ears at meetings. We will bring the food for each meeting, and we will chaperone and drive the kids to events, like SPARK, Creationfest, and mission trips. If you feel God calling you to be a part of something in the church, this might be your answer. If you are not called to this, I ask that you pray for our youth group as we begin the search. We have a great group of youth and young adults who have servant hearts and are itching to do God’s work and learn God’s word. If you are interested, talk to Pastor Sharon.


Pastor’s Page

Pastor's heading




We take the hard way all the time when it comes to God guiding us.

A few days ago we had some beautiful weather. It was so nice and warm that I decided to open my windows and let in some fresh air. Now many of you know that I have two cats and, cats being cats, they love it when I open the windows. They love sitting in the open window looking out at the world around them. They love basking in the sun and they love watching the birds fly by. Now at some point during the day I had shut one of my windows most of the way. My little kitten was still wanting to sit on the sill and be in the open window. So she sat on the very narrow window sill and she tried to squeeze herself between the window and the sill so she could get some of that fresh air.

May Pastor’s Page continued

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Kids Fun Club

After School Program/ Kids Fun Club

This program has been postponed, until further notice

Kids Fun Club includes children from first through fifth grade, and meets every Thursday from 4-6 pm.  Every week our Kids Fun Club children, have a snack, get help with their homework, play games and crafts, and hear a Bible story.

We need helpers to continue this valuable program.  You do not need to be there every Thursday, maybe you can only do one Thursday a month.  You do not have to plan anything, we already have things planned.  We mainly need YOU to help kids with homework and be an extra set of eyes and pair of helping hands so everything goes smoothly.
Please consider donating you time to help the children of our community.  We would love to see some men help out so that the boys who come can see that church is cool for guys.  We meet almost every Thursday from 4:00 – 6:00 PM.
That’s only TWO hours a week.  If you are able to help, please see John Hayes and let him know.  This is a great mission to the community. Many kids do not go to church, but they come to our program, and they learn about Christ.  With your help we can plant a lot of seeds that can grow to where a child eventually follows Christ.

If you would like to serve God and your community in this way, please contact the church at 724-235-9961, or drop us an email at office@umcnf.org.

If you know of anyone outside the church, or who are members of other churches, who recognize the need to give our children positive experiences in church, please pass on this information.

Women’s Friendship Circle

Any woman is welcome to join our circle for fellowship, Bible study and of course snacks.  See you there.

Friendship Circle Meetings

Friendship Circle will meet on Monday, May 20th at 1:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall. Pastor Sharon will lead the lesson discussion of Chapter 4 in “The Joy Stealers” book. Judy Merritt will provide the snacks. This will be the last meeting until September.






Come and sing or ring with us

Chancel Choir practice is Wednesday at 7:00 PM (Suspended until a new pianist is hired)

Faith Ringers handbell choir practice is Wednesday at 8:00 PM

Paula Blankenbicker is our singing and ringing choir director.