Sunday Worship Service – 10:30 AM

We are handicap accessible and Air Conditioned

Nursery is available during worship

Junior Church 10:30 AM

Sept. – May

Elementary thru Middle School

New Florence United Methodist Church  

200 Ninth Street
New Florence, PA  15944

Our services are a combination of traditional and contemporary.  Join us in what you feel comfortable wearing.  All are welcome.

Something New!

If you attend our services, you might notice a little change in our sanctuary. Up front and off to the side you will notice a small table with small chairs, coloring books, crayons, books and soft dolls. This area will be up and running for the summer for our little ones, UP TO AGE 5. We are calling it a prayer-ground (stealing this name from other churches, not my creation). Below, I will try to address your questions and concerns.

1) Why have this in the first place?

There are two answers for this. First we realize that kids like to move and this gives them the opportunity to move in a quiet manner. It also allows the parents to be a part of the worship service instead of spending their time wrestling their little ones.

Second, we realize that a new family might not be ready to take their kids to the nursery with an unknown adult. We hope that this allows the parents to be a part of worship, while their kids move about.

2) Why up front?

First, it’s the practical answer, there is no other space, but there is also the fact that our little ones are, well…little, and they have a hard time seeing. We put the table up front so that they can see a little bit here and there during the service while they color.

3) Will this be distracting to the pastor?

Nope, not at all. The pastor is able to tune out a lot of things (except for stuff her kids do). The pastor is usually too focused on the service to notice anything else. Bigfoot could walk into the church and she would not notice.

4)Will this be distracting to the congregation?

Probably not. Well, OK, they are really cute kids and we love to watch them, but I am going to bet that after the first week or two you will not notice them at the table any more than you notice them in your pew (and I know some of you pay more attention to those kids in the pews than you do the pastor…I’ve seen you playing peek-a-boo.)

5) Will they be unattended?

Not at all. Parents are encouraged to sit in the front pew near their kids, in case the little ones bump their heads or just need to be near them. But also, Miss Marisa and Miss Rachel will be there most Sundays to help guide our little ones in things like prayer time, and maybe get them dancing during our peppy hymns.

6) Is the nursery still available?

Yes. Miss Amy is our nursery caretaker and if you would rather take your little ones down there, she will gladly watch them while you worship.

I hope that I have answered some of your questions. We are going to give this a try for the summer. I ask that you give it the summer before you decide to like it or not. Also remember we want to make church something that all people can enjoy. Established members, visitors, and even kids. It is my hope that this can be a way to make service enjoyable to all.


For those of you who are 6 and up, we have not forgotten you. We know it’s hard to listen to the BORING pastor. So under the front pew (near the prayer-ground table) we have a crate that has some clip boards, paper and pencils in it. Feel free to come up (before service or during a hymn) to get your supplies. Also we have service sheets on your clip boards you can use. Follow the service. Keep track of hymns, let us know your favorite one we sang during service, and if you have questions about the service or sermon, write them down. Pastor Sharon will do her darn best to answer them. And if you stump her (she gets a week to come up with the answer), she’ll give you a sweet treat.

Pastor Sharon