Praying for Our Church Two Minutes a Day!

We are asking you to pray for our church, for our continued growth, and for our continued outreach to the community and to the world.

Recognizing the importance of prayer to begin this process, we are asking everyone in our congregation to hold the church in prayer for two minutes a day. Two minutes isn’t very long. Anyone can do that, right? Standing in line, waiting for the bus, or while the gas tank is filling, you can find two minutes to offer a prayer. What should I pray for, you ask. Here is a brief outline: Pray –

That our church may grow in spirit, and be guided and empowered by God’s Holy Spirit.

  1. That our church may grow in outreach and mission, looking beyond ourselves to the community and world around us. We are here to serve God and others by looking beyond our own walls.
  2. That our church may grow numerically, integrating new persons with new ideas into our fellowship and into the leadership of our congregation.
  3. That our church may grow financially, assuring adequate resources to carry out our work and fulfill our commitment to the denomination.

That’s how we will begin. Easy! We can do it, and we can start now, today, no equipment needed. So do your part, two minutes, every day, pray for our church. Let’s see what wonders God can work within us and within our church.